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The Great Houses of Ireland

Join internationally renowned country house expert Curt DiCamillo, NEHGS Curator of Collections, next month (September 15-21) as we explore the finest houses in and around Co. Kilkenny. From the grand Castletown, Ireland's largest and most important 18th-century country house, to the intimate Dangan Cottage, the charming home of Christopher Moore, to Kilfane Glen, one of the most beautiful 18th-century romantic gardens in Ireland---the best of the Emerald Isle will unfold for us in an exclusively designed tour for discerning audiences.

Based at Mount Juliet, a glorious 5-star hotel that began life in the 18th century as a country house, we will experience locally-inspired cuisine, be accompanied by expert guides, and have privileged access, all part of a carefully paced itinerary. There is no better way to discover the allure of Ireland.

Our tour will be led by Curt DiCamillo, an architectural historian and recognized authority on English and Irish country houses


For more information, please contact Cy Britt at 617-226-1267.

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