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Migrations: A Citywide Festival in New York

Carnegie Hall and 75+ partnering organizations will sponsor a festival of 100+

events in New York City entitled "Migrations: The Making of America," beginning February 28, 2019 (and at Carnegie Hall on March 9, 2019). Events range from talks and workshops to musical presentations to the NYC Tartan Day Parade. "Our music---and our history---is enriched by the diversity of cultures, traditions, and people of this nation. Come hear what defines us all."

From the event catalogue:

"The story of America is indelibly linked to the movement of people. Some were brought here not of their own free will, and their perseverance and resilience transformed the nation. Others came here--or moved within the borders of this country--because they sought a new life, free from poverty, discrimination, and persecution. The many contributions---cultural, social, economic, and political---of these migrations, and the people who help to build this country and what it means to be American, are honored in Carnegie Hall's festival Migrations: The Making of America."

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