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A Family Becoming American

A truly remarkable contribution to the field of genealogy has been achieved by my colleague and friend, David Watson Kruger. If you are lucky enough to be closely related to David, you have just hit genealogical pay dirt! He has recently completed a six-volume genealogy - published across a whopping thirteen books - on his ancestry in a series entitled "A Family Becoming American."

An award-winning genealogist, David has served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the New England Historic Genealogical Society and has been a wonderful mentor to me over many years; he is also one of the most meticulous genealogical and historical scholars I have ever known. He leaves no stone unturned in his research and his presentation formats are clear and innovative. In this series, he has recorded as many of the descendants of sixteen sets of great-great-grandparents as possible and, in his usual fashion, provides much historical and biographical detail on the individuals and the places in which they lived. These books are a contribution to the history of our nation.

The first three volumes treated the Kruger, Foisy dit Frenière / Frenyear, and York families. The latest books are as follows:

Volume 4: Adams, Hart­well, Watson, Wheeler (in two books)

Continues coverage from Volume 3 of the of the author’s mater­nal “Yankee” kinsmen.

Volume 5: McHardy, Montgomery, Trounson, Williams

Treats the paternal ancestry of Alton Charles MacHardy, tracing ancestors from Ireland, England, and Scotland to Quebec and Connecticut.

Volume 6: Polter, Urban, Wisgin, Steinert

Covers the Lithuanian ancestry of Pau­lina Augusta (Polter) MacHardy.

Congratulations, David! For more information on these books, visit

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