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A magnificent royal chart

Genealogist Don Charles Stone has prepared a magnificent chart for me tracing my descents from Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Edward I, and other kings and noblemen. While I knew I had such ancestry, Don's enormous chart brings these historical figures to life in new and interesting ways. Here is an original Knight of the Garter, Ralph de Stafford, created Earl of Stafford in 1350/1, and an assortment of de Clares, le Despensers, Ferrers, Raleighs, and others. This lovely gift will give me many hours to ponder early English and Continental history! Subsequent generations include near relations of poet John Dryden, satirist Jonathan Swift, and poet Edmund Spenser; American generations include the noted New England Quaker Katherine Marbury; the sibling of a signer of the Declaration of Independence; two governors of Rhode Island, a signer of the Rhode Island (State) Declaration of Independence, and many

others. Bravo and thank you, Don!

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