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Announcing "The Mayflower 500"

Genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts, Senior Research Scholar Emeritus at and the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, has announced his forthcoming book "The Mayflower 500: Mayflower Descents of 500 Notable Americans ..." to be published in 2019.

Roberts, who is the author of "Ancestors of American Presidents" and many other works, will present lineages for more than five hundred famous Americans who trace their roots to Mayflower passengers, including Presidents of the United States, First Ladies, politicians, entrepreneurs, authors, actors, inventors, and more. This book will stand as the most complete and fully documented list of famous Americans descended from the Pilgrims.

Roberts is widely acknowledged as the leading expert on "notable kin." Sam Allis, writing in The Boston Globe, stated "This man's expertise is breathtaking, particularly regarding prominent American families and their European forebears."

Watch this space for more details on "The Mayflower 500."

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