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Visiting with the Society of Colonial Wars and other friends in Palm Beach

Pictured: Brenton Simons at a dinner of the Florida Society of Colonial Wars, Palm Beach, Florida.

One of our most distinguished partners at the New England Historic Genealogical Society is the General Society of Colonial Wars, a hereditary society initially formed in New York in 1892 “for the purpose of further interest in, and study of, America’s Colonial history for the period between the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia (in) 1607 and the Battle of Lexington (in) 1775.” I am proud of the genealogical work our staff is doing to support this fine organization and this weekend I am visiting with NEHGS patrons and fellow members of Colonial Wars, as well as ladies of the Colonial Dames, and other likeminded organizations, in Palm Beach, Florida, and environs, before returning to chilly Boston. A special thank you to my very thoughtful hosts! 

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